Hire Better

The hiring process is easy to get wrong and many companies struggle to hire the candidates they need. The School of Hiring is here to help hiring managers implement the right recruiting strategies in order to get the people they need.

Identify Hiring Needs

Many organisations aim for what they want, not for what they need. This way of thinking means that they often miss out on the best candidate. Learn how to move from getting what you want to getting what you need.

Transform Your Hiring

Hiring is often the most-difficult aspect when companies grow. To help the transition, why not get grounded, real-world advice from someone with 20 years of experience in recruitment.

Hire Better

A healthy company hires the right people. The right people then help the company grow the right way. To get there, our courses help you attract and hire the best.

The Basics of Interviewing

Is your recruitment process getting you the right people for the right roles? Are you struggling to fill positions in your organisation? Are you seeing the right candidates slip away to other companies?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you may need to look at how to prepare for candidate interviews. My FREE introductory module The Basics of Interviewing is a guide on putting together the right process to find the ideal candidate. 

Hire Better

School of Hiring produces market-leading hiring and recruitment materials, videos, and podcasts, as well as our training courses. Stay in touch to find out more!