School of Hiring – Podcast

Do you find hiring frustrating?? Are you disappointed with recruiting?? My name is Konstanty Sliwowski and I am a veteran of nearly 20 years in the business of recruitment, strategic talent acquisition and employment consultancy. I now focus my time on advising organisations and managers on how to be more, strategic, efficient, and effective at engaging and hiring top talent.In this podcast series, I speak with business leaders about how they attract and hire top performers. The high’s and low’s. And of course some funny stories and recruitment mishaps.If you are tired of recruitment processes that suck up your time and seem to never end and are looking for a more predictable way to attract, engage and hire top talent but also reduce the number of candidates you need to interview, come listen to our guest hiring managers including CEO’s, CTO’s, and CPO’s open up about hiring experiences and how they approach talent acquisition.

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